Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Your Processing Time?

Unless otherwise stated in a product description, all items will be packaged and shipped within 4 to 7 business days after the payment date. This allows for any potential "life" things that may come up as I run my business as only one person.  

You will receive an email once your order has been shipped. I kindly ask that you please check your tracking before you ask me about your order - I do not have more information than you do with regards to where your package currently is.


Are Your Items Durable?

Absolutely! Polymer clay is known to be a tremendously sturdy material - meaning that the jewelry that I make with it will not easily break. I also take precautions to ensure that all of my products will be long-lasting. I do not use jewelry glue to attach my earring posts as other brands do since it is known to fall off after a year or so. Instead I embed the earring post into the the clay before baking. This technique is more time consuming, but it ensures that the earring post will be firmly fixed into place. I also occasionally use resin - a see-through organic polymer substance that, when dried, is extremely stable.

Please note: although clay is a very durable medium, it does not make it indestructible. Please handle all of your pieces with care as some pieces (especially delicate leaves and petals) could snap if enough pressure is applied.


How do I order a custom item?

Please send me an email with a description of your desired item/s. A picture reference would be very helpful, but I will sketch the item and will not start the crafting process before you are satisfied with the design. Before placing your order, please keep in mind that custom orders are more expensive than my usual products since they are tailored to your exact needs.


How Should I Care For My Items?

To keep your jewelry in top condition, it is best not to sleep, shower or exercise whilst wearing them. When not in use, I recommend storing your pieces in a box away from other metal jewelry to avoid scratching. If needed, gently use a damp cloth to remove makeup or dirt from your jewelry.

Oh! and wearing them with confidence is always a great place to start ;)


Can I Have My Order Gift Wrapped?

At this stage, unfortunately not :,(

However! I am actively searching for a new packaging supplier that would be able to allow me to give you guys this option. So if this is something that you really desire, keep a close eye on my social media pages and for updates!

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