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Dedicated To Quality Over Quantity


Every piece of jewellery I sell is meticulously handcrafted - down to the very last detail. Shine Design Studio strives to create jewellery that is long-lasting, elegant and reflects the individual's uniqueness through custom designs and orders.

Shine Design Studio is also a customer-focused brand. This means that I spend a lot of time and energy forming a genuine connections with my consumers and ensuring that each of you has a great shopping experience. At the end of the day, it is the people on the outside that make a brand special - without you my brand ceases to exist - and my products and services will always reflect my gratitude to you guys!

There is nothing that makes me more proud than seeing my customers wear my signature creations. That is why Shine Design Studio aims to design jewellery for every occasion; so you will always feel your best and most confident selves! Curious to see more? Browse my site and see what I have for you or send me a message for a custom order!


The Face Behind The Art

Hi Gorgeous!

​My name is Danielle Arndt and I am the owner of Shine Design Studio. Living in South Africa means that we have very few options when it comes to jewellery as well as fashion. As a BCom Fashion graduate, I know what a confidence boost something as simple as a pair of earrings can be and I was getting so frustrated by the limited and out dated choices in our country. So, I set out to make the type of jewellery that would reflect my own personal aesthetic. This led me to start experimenting with polymer clay and I soon discovered that I have quite a talent and passion for it! It was only later, with the support of my family and friends, that I decided to share this love I have for art with all of you. 

And that is how Shine Design Studio was born - out of love, encouragement, dedication and imagination. I sincerely hope you like my jewelry just half as much as I enjoyed crafting them :)

"I Create Because I Have A Need To Share The Most Beautiful Part Of My Soul."

-Nicole Casassa

About the brand

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Danielle Arndt


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